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Hi Mr Lo,
I would like to thank you for your advice in placing specific “feng shui” elements in my home to improve my health. It works.
I will not hesitate to introduce my family members and friends to you.
Best regards,


I have engaged Adrain Lo in year 2010 to advice on my home's Feng Shui.  After the consultation, we bought a few auspicious items from him.  Since the day we placed the auspicious items recommended by Adrian, everything at home seems so smooth.
About two months later, my husband received a call from a headhunter for a senior role.  After two interviews, he was successfully hired for this senior role. 
This is a great job with big salary increment.
My son who used to have very bad temper has also become more patience and our relationship has improved since then.
Adrain, thanks for improving our living condition and creating harmony for our home.
Mrs Catherine Ng


We were recommended to Master Adrian @ juxuangeomancy about 2 years back through my sister-in-law. It was the most challenging time of my life; I was out of job for many months.
Our very first Meeting............Master Adrian came over to our home with a very sincere approach; he just wanted help us get through the difficult times through Feng Shui and some life readings.
(unlike other Feng Shui Master we engaged previously, was much focused to commercial benefits, spend much lesser time explaining in details and rush off, not to mention, there was no more follow up)
Few months later......after following all the necessary Feng Shui arrangement, I finally landed with a good job and travelled to Germany for Training. I engaged Master Adrian again for Feng Shui analysis at my New Office. Within two months, we received big orders and I had good commissions :) . Six months later, I was headhunted by another company for more a challenging role with better compensations and exposure.
Just months back, Master Adrian, as usual, followed up on my house Feng Shui and made some adjustment on the "Chai Wei". BINGO, I was lucky to have Strike 4D, concurrently for few weekends, landing in 1st, 2nd 3rd prizes plus some consolations.
We are grateful to Master Adrian helping me get through those difficult times.... Thank You Master Adrian for your Professionalism, Sincerity & Passion on Feng Shui.
Kevin Kuek
Serangoon Ave 2

My fulfilled and Satisfied Testimonial For Adrian Lo

17 October 2011

Pleasant and very friendly Geomancer
Deliver quality reliable information
Intelligent in his geomancy
Personal Attention
Passionate towards his work

Adrian has a unique ability "I'm very impressed and inspired with Adrian Feng Shui () and Ba Zhi (八字). He's professional, intelligent, intuitive, and has a great work ethic.
Not to mention that I’ve learned so much from him and now find myself thinking in terms of Feng Shui and Ba gua more seriously than ever.

For home Feng Shui, knowing the many changes will make difficulties for the home owner he gave lots of ideas to make positive changes with lesser movement in the home. He did a complete assessment of our home and also gave some suggestions for inside the house, and already there is a different, more peaceful and positive energy in our lives and in particular our “wealth” of human and financial resources.


Another good example will be my wife who loves to play mahjong (is $1/$2 shooter-pay) and she has not been in good luck for a long time (like winning in a streak of more than 8 times in a row) since last year. Adrian explained to her the reason why and how to prevent it thru () and Ba Zhi (八字) and you will not believe that the changes did help and her luck turn for the better now.


For myself, my business has been inclining progressing and more jobs have been accepted and more referral has been recommended from my current clients.

On top of that, a very important thing that I must include here is that Adrian helps me to prevent my “money loss”. My money always seem not able to stay in my hand or bank account for more than a few months and something will happened (car/motorbike spoilt, sick, home appliances not working and etc) and the money will be lost. After seeing Adrian, I understand more of the reasons why and since then it has been preventing it. I must say till date, I can see the changes.


To me, Adrian is an extremely different Geomancy Master. He is modern and understanding and therefore he will not do unnecessary changes. It is very nice to talk to Adrian too as he is a very friendly person in nature, accommodating, easy to work with, and genuinely interested in the success of his clients." Like what he always said to me: “My success is equivalent to his professionalism success”.  

Adrian, Thank you so much for your help. It is my destiny to meet you and enlightened by you in many areas in life changes.

James Lee

Training Manager @ Fitnesstwo.com
Mobile: 9367 6965
Email: james@fitnesstwo.com
Website: www.fitnesstwo.com


Being a single-parent, I'm always worried about financial issues ..especially medical expenses and daughter's studies .
After engaging Adrain's feng shui advices, my daughter began to perform well in her studies, receiving good results & awards from school.
Knowing our strengths and weaknesses, our health also improved tremendously.  
Adrain was very detailed,approachable and sincere.  I would have no hesitation in recommending his services.
Thank you very much, Adrain
Christine Chong
Bishan St.13

"My husband and I got to know Master Adrian through a recommendation from a friend, who raved about how good his business became after he engaged Adrian’s services. As a modern young couple, we were first skeptical about geomancy and its functionality but were compelled to get Master Adrian to review our house’s feng shui after hearing all the good things about him.

Adrian provides comprehensive assessment for our house and is patient in answering whatever queries we posed to him. What strikes me most is that he is friendly and doesn’t posses an air/ arrogance which many geomancers do. He provides excellent customer services evident from the fact that he entertains all our queries even after our house review (Where we had already made payments) and he will constantly call on us to check on our status. All in all, we were glad to get Master Adrian to review our house and I even recommended him to my mother who was equally happy with his services as well.

Thanks Adrian!

Jeftor and Vince"


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